Board of Directors

Hartwell Carson (President)

Hartwell received his graduate from the University of Montana and undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in Resource Management.. read bio>

Peggie Griffith (Vice-President)

Peggie is a past President of the Alabama Sierra Club. She is an expert on organic farms and sustainable agriculture... read bio>

Mark Martin (Treasurer)

Mark Martin is the prosecuting attorney for Tennessee Riverkeeper. He was born in Alabama and began practicing law in 1981 after graduating from Samford... read bio>

Priscilla Brazleton

Priscilla is a business woman from Madison, Alabama working for a major tech company... read bio>

Robert F. Kennedy, III

Bobby is a 24-year-old filmmaker and "Outreach Director" for Ameritocracy, a political website that picks apart and fact-checks quotes thrown around by the candidates and the media... read bio>

David Whiteside (Riverkeeper)

The Riverkeeper and Executive Director of Tennessee Riverkeeper, David was also the founder of Black Warrior Riverkeeper.... read bio>